Trifecta’s primary strength lies in the field of Oil Price Risk Management

Development of a Risk Management Policy

In highly volatile markets, adopting a risk management strategy can make all the difference between being an excellent company and an ordinary one. Trifecta works with you and your top management to understand your

Setting up a Risk Management Desk

This involves the whole process of

  • Risk PhilosophyHow averse are you to uncertainty?
  • What are risks you can live with?
  • What are unacceptable risks?
  • Risk AppetiteWhat is the size of positions you are willing to take?
  • What is the level of losses you are willing to accept in order to manage your business risks successfully
  • Defining Competencies Required for personnel at various levels
  • Selection of personnel
  • Training the same
  • Building relationships with the market
  • Selection of a trade capture system
  • Selection of Data Service Providers
  • Guidance in creation of Risk Management Strategies