Trifecta Consultants founder Sukrit Vijayakar shared his views on the likely direction of crude oil prices after Saudi Arabia decided to slash prices and flood the market with crude.

This was aired live on CNBC Awaz on Monday, 09 March, 2020.


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Global Gasoline Charts offer you a single view of light distillate stocks across the globe

Global Gasoil Charts offer you a single view of middle distillate stocks across the globe

Eurasian Fuel Oil Charts offer you a single view of fuel oil stocks in Europe and Asia

US DOE Data provides you with Analytics on stocks in the US

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Learn to Hedge

Hedging is a very sensitive practice which calls for a balance between protecting good profits and ensuring one gets optimum results from the Risk Management Program.

Trifecta can help your organization set up policies on

Selection & Implementation of Trade Capture Systems

A critical aspect of any Trading / Risk Management Program is a good trade capture system which

  • When to hedge
  • How much to hedge
  • How to hedge
  • Set up systems and processes to ensure that the organization follows industry best practices
  • allows for easy capture of trades
  • provides management prompt information about profit and loss, counterparty exposure and exception reporting
  • Is easy to implement and maintain
  • Is economical
  • Trifecta can help your organization select a trade capture system which best meets your needs. Trifecta also has the experience and skills to drive the implementation of the software in an optimal manner


Trifecta is a young organization spearheaded by Sukrit Vijayakar, a veteran trader with over 25 years of trading experience in various markets.

Sukrit has set up the front office, middle office and back offices of many trading organizations: giving him marvelous insights into required systems and processes of these ecosystems. His experience covers requirements analysis and scoping, procurement, delivery, integration and implementation of Trade Capturing and Monitoring Software.

He has also trained hundreds of people from different organisations in different aspects trading in general, as well as trading in the oil markets, both physical and derivative.

As a domain expert, he can also help IT organizations liaise better with their clients, by improving their understanding of client needs and therefore significant reduction of software turnarounds.

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Oil Price Digest 26-May-2020

Crude Oil Oil prices edged up on Monday in sluggish trading with holidays in Singapore, London and New York, as rising concerns over demand recovery offset supply cuts. Brent rose to $35.81 a barrel by 1659 GMT, while U.S. oil was flat at $33.74 a barrel. There is no U.S. settlement because of the Memorial Day holiday. Rising U.S.-China tensions, between the world’s largest oil consumers, over moves by Beijing to impose security legislation on Hong Kong…

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Oil Price Digest 22-May-2020

Crude Oil Brent rose more than 1% on Thursday to its highest since March, supported by lower U.S. crude inventories, OPEC-led supply cuts and recovering demand. Brent crude rose 34 cents to settle at $36.09 /bbl. WTI settled 43 cents higher at $33.92 /bbl. Data from the U.S. Labor Department on Thursday revealed another 2.4 million Americans filed for unemployment last week. Covid 19 At a global level, the death toll from the COVID-19 virus…

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Oil Price Digest 21-May-2020

Crude Oil Oil prices rallied on Wednesday after U.S. crude inventories fell in the most recent week, but gains were capped by worries over the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic Brent crude settled $ 1.10 higher at $35.75 /bbl. WTI settled $1.53 higher at $33.49 /bbl. Fuel demand has grown as lockdown curbs have eased worldwide, and shipping data shows the OPEC+ group is complying with its pledge to cut 9.7 million barrels per…

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Oil Price Digest 20-May-2020

Crude Oil Prices ended mixed on Tuesday. Brent crude settled 16 cents lower at $34.65 /bbl. The expiring July WTI future settled 31 cents higher at $ 31.96 /bbl. The August contract ended 68 cents higher at $32.50 /bbl. U.S. crude prices were bolstered by  statement from U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin who said he supported extending certain measures intended to bolster the economy, while Brent ended lower on concerns that output cuts might not…

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Oil Price Digest 19-May-2020

Crude Oil Oil prices on Monday jumped to their highest in over two months on multiple positive signals. Brent crude settled at $34.81 /bbl, up $ 2.31. WTI futures gained $2.39 to settle at $31.82 /bbl. Markets were clearly cheered by early results on a potential coronavirus vaccine. This in turn, lead to optimism about a quick resumption in economic activity. Also encouraging the markets were signs that producers were following through on planned output…

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Oil Price Digest 18-May-2020

We are back today after a week off for internal reasons. Apologies to those of you who missed our reports Crude Oil Crude prices jumped 4-7% on Friday to their highest levels since March, on strengthening fuel demand as countries around the world eased travel restrictions. Brent crude settled at $32.50 /bbl, up $ 1.37. WTI futures gained $1.87 to settle at $29.43 /bbl. Both contracts posted gains for the third consecutive week. U.S. crude…

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Oil Price Digest 08-May-2020

Crude Oil Oil prices slipped on Thursday as global supply and demand worries erased earlier gains seen from an increase in Saudi Arabia’s official crude selling price. Brent crude settled at $29.46 /bbl, down 26 cents yesterday. WTI futures lost 44 cents to settle at $23.55 /bbl. Oil prices were much higher earlier in the day following reports from Saudi Arabia on crude prices and imports and exports in China. Saudi Arabia’s state oil giant…

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Oil Price Digest 06-May-2020

Crude Oil Oil prices soared on Tuesday, as some European and Asian countries along with several U.S. states began to ease coronavirus lockdown measures. Brent crude settled $ 3.77 higher at $30.97 /bbl. WTI futures gained $ 4.17 to settle at $24.56 /bbl. The rally extended Brent crude’s gains to six straight days, while U.S. benchmark West Texas Intermediate has now rallied for five consecutive sessions. Saudi Arabia’s crude oil exports in May’20 are expected…

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Oil Price Digest 05-May-2020

Crude Oil Oil was up on Monday as more countries announced they would begin easing coronavirus lockdowns. Brent crude settled at $27.20 a barrel, up 76 cents. WTI rose 61 cents to settle at $20.39 /bbl. Finland and several U.S. states were among numerous governments moving to ease lockdown restrictions on Monday to resurrect their economies. However, the re-emergence of trade tensions between the United States and China limited the rise in prices. Adding to…

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Oil Price Digest 04-May-2020

Crude Oil Crude prices recovered strongly on Friday with both benchmarks posting their first gain in four week.. The Brent futures contract expired $ 3.03 higher at $25.57 /bbl. The July contract eased 4 cents to settle at $ 26.44 / bbl. WTI rose 94 cents to settle at $19.78 /bbl. After three consecutive weeks of losses, Brent crude notched a gain of about 23% while WTI increased about 17%. U.S. energy firms cut oil…

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Oil Price Digest 30-Apr-2020

Crude Oil Oil prices surged more than 10% on Wednesday after U.S. crude stockpiles grew less than expected and gasoline posted a surprise draw. Brent futures settled $2.08 higher at $22.54 /bbl. WTI rose $2.72 to settle at $15.06 /bbl. Regulators in Texas, the biggest U.S. oil producing state, will vote on May 5 whether to enact output cuts. Officials in North Dakota and Oklahoma are also examining possible cuts. That would add to production…

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Oil Price Digest 29-Apr-2020

Crude Oil Market prices were mixed on Tuesday. Brent futures settled 47 cents higher to settle at $20.46 /bbl. WTI fell 44 cents to settle at $12.34 /bbl. Globally, storage onshore was estimated to be about 85% full as of last week. Texas energy regulators will next week vote on a controversial proposal to reduce the state’s oil output after delaying it due to concerns about legal challenges. As U.S. crude output continues to fall,…

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