Trifecta Consultants founder Sukrit Vijayakar shared his views on the likely direction of crude oil prices after Saudi Arabia decided to slash prices and flood the market with crude.

This was aired live on CNBC Awaz on Monday, 09 March, 2020.


We have now commenced a weekly view of the tanker markets prepared by Darshna, a seasoned Freight market veteran based out of Singapore


Learn to Hedge

Hedging is a very sensitive practice which calls for a balance between protecting good profits and ensuring one gets optimum results from the Risk Management Program.

Trifecta can help your organization set up policies on

Selection & Implementation of Trade Capture Systems

A critical aspect of any Trading / Risk Management Program is a good trade capture system which

  • When to hedge
  • How much to hedge
  • How to hedge
  • Set up systems and processes to ensure that the organization follows industry best practices
  • allows for easy capture of trades
  • provides management prompt information about profit and loss, counterparty exposure and exception reporting
  • Is easy to implement and maintain
  • Is economical
  • Trifecta can help your organization select a trade capture system which best meets your needs. Trifecta also has the experience and skills to drive the implementation of the software in an optimal manner


Trifecta is a young organization spearheaded by Sukrit Vijayakar, a veteran trader with over 25 years of trading experience in various markets.

Sukrit has set up the front office, middle office and back offices of many trading organizations: giving him marvelous insights into required systems and processes of these ecosystems. His experience covers requirements analysis and scoping, procurement, delivery, integration and implementation of Trade Capturing and Monitoring Software.

He has also trained hundreds of people from different organisations in different aspects trading in general, as well as trading in the oil markets, both physical and derivative.

As a domain expert, he can also help IT organizations liaise better with their clients, by improving their understanding of client needs and therefore significant reduction of software turnarounds.

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Oil Price Digest 08-Mar-21

Crude Oil Oil prices jumped another 4% on Friday as the bulls have the bit between their teeth backed by global optimism for economic recovery, the US stimulus package and Saudi’s refusal to expand production.  Brent futures settled at $69.36, up $2.62, or 4% on the day. For the week, it was up almost 5% and also hit a 13-month high of $69.57. WTI crude  settled at $66.09, up $2.26, or 3.5%, on the day.…

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Oil Price Digest 05-Mar-21

Crude Oil – Oil prices jumped 4% Thursday as the OPEC+ producers’ alliance bucked expectations for a hike in output starting in April, with cartel leader Saudi Arabia sticking to its 1 million barrels per day cut while Russia and Kazakhstan opted for just modest increases.  Brent futures settled rose $2.67, or 4.2%, to settle at $66.74. Brent soared to $67.72 earlier in the day, also its highest since January 2020. WTI crude  settled…

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Oil Price Digest 04-Mar-21

Crude Oil Oil prices rose for a second straight session on Thursday, as the possibility that OPEC+ producers might decide against increasing output at a key meeting later in the day lent support alongside a drop in U.S. fuel inventories.  Brent futures settled rose $1.37, or 2.2%, to settle at $64.07. WTI crude settled settled up $1.53, or 2.6%, at $61.28 per barrel. OPEC+ are considering rolling over production cuts into Apr’21 instead of raising…

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Oil Price Digest 03-Mar-21

Crude Oil WTI crude oil prices slipped below $60 a barrel Tuesday, on growing expectations that major oil producers will agree to ease production cuts at a key meeting this week on bets that crude demand will likely outstrip supply as the global vaccine-led recovery gathers pace.  Brent futures settled down 90 cents at $62.79. WTI crude settled down 89 cents to settle at $59.75 per barrel. Ahead of the OPEC and non-OPEC producers virtual meeting…

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Oil Price Digest 02-Mar-21

Crude Oil Oil prices fell more than 1% on Monday, extending losses that began last week, as investors unwound long positions on concern that OPEC may agree to increase global supply in a meeting this week and Chinese demand may be slipping.  Brent futures settled down 77 cents, or 1.1%, at $63.69. Brent has lost a cumulative 3.7% in the past two sessions. Over the past four months though, it has rallied 72%. WTI crude…

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Oil Price Digest 01-Mar-21

Crude Oil Oil prices fell further on Friday as inflation fears continued to spread panic across all markets.  Brent futures fell $ 1.37 to $64.42 a barrel. WTI crude shed $2.03 to settle at $61.50 per barrel. For the week, Brent gained 5% while WTI gained 4%. For the month, both crudes gained nearly 18% This morning, prices have jumped up by over a dollar in the wake of the US House approving a stimulus…

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Oil Price Digest 26-Feb-21

Crude Oil Oil prices fell on Friday as a collapse in bond prices led to gains in the U.S. dollar and expectations grew that with oil prices back above pre-pandemic levels, more supply is likely to come back to the market.  Brent futures fell 32 cents, or 0.5%, to $65.79 a barrel. WTI crude settled up 31 cents, at $63.53 per barrel, after rallying to a January 2020 high of $63.37. Despite the drop in…

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Oil Price Digest 25-Feb-21

Crude Oil Oil prices hit 13-months highs again Wednesday after the U.S. government reported that crude production across the country fell by more than a million barrels per day last week after the mega snowstorm that blanketed Texas, the energy heartland of the country.  Brent futures finished the session up $1.70, or 2.6%, at $66.18 per barrel. Brent hit a session high of $66.35 earlier, chasing Tuesday’s 13-month high of $66.79. WTI crude settled up…

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Oil Price Digest 24-Feb-21

Crude Oil Crude prices settled lower on Tuesday as mixed projections over the U.S. economic outlook caused gyrations in a market that continued to capitalize on last week’s monster snow storm in Texas, the heartland of U.S. oil.  Brent futures for May settled at $64.48, 76 cents lower. WTI crude futures settled 3 cents lower at $61.37 a barrel. US refineries are expected to take longer to return to normal output levels than US oil…

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Oil Price Digest 23-Feb-21

Crude Oil Crude oil prices rose sharply on Monday, caught up in a general rally in commodities driven by expectations of higher inflation.  Brent futures settled up $2.33, or 3.7%, at $65.24. WTI crude futures settled up $2.34, or 4.0%, at $61.40 a barrel. The ongoing supply constraints from the closure of Texan wells and pipelines due to last week’s cold snaps also supported prices as their return to full production could take longer than earlier…

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Oil Price Digest 22-Feb-21

Crude Oil Crude prices tumbled more than 2% Friday for their biggest slump since January on worries that refineries could be the next casualties from the Texas storms — resulting in a pile-up of crude stocks.  Brent settled at $62.91, down $1.02, or 1.6%. For the week, it gained 0.8%.  WTI crude settled settled settled at $59.26, down $1.27, or 2.1%. For the week, WTI dropped just 0.5%. Crude prices were also pressured Friday by…

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Oil Price Digest 19-Feb-21

Crude Oil The one-way move in oil prices snapped on Thursday as some cashed in on this week’s “freeze” trade that sent crude markets  higher than they might have otherwise gone.  Brent settled settled down 0.6%, or 41 cents, at $63.93, after briefly breaking above $65 — its highest since January 2020. WTI crude settled settled down 1%, or  62 cents, at $60.52 per barrel as players took profit on its run to 13-month highs…

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