Who We Are

Trifecta Consultants is a young organization founded to provide services in developing and implementing best practices in all trading rooms especially those focusing on oil markets

Trifecta means a bet in which one predicts the top 3 finishers of a race in the right order.

Getting this correct requires strategy, tactics and an ear tuned to the markets.

We are a small team of people with rich experience in the industry who can help you create or improve the efficiency of your trading set up in a variety of ways

What We Do

We provide expertise on

  • Setting up of a trading desk

    Sizing of desk
    Recruitment and training of personnel

  • Development of a Comprehensive Risk Management Strategy

    When to Hedge
    How Much to Hedge
    How to Hedge

  • Management Consultancy

    Development of Standard Operating Processes
    Due Diligence on Financial Projections of upcoming Projects
    Procurement and Implementation of Trade Capture Software
    Executive Search for Niche Markets

  • Training

    Development and Execution of Appropriate Training Programs
    Development of Certification Programs

What We Deliver


  • Oil Price Digest

    A daily commentary on what happened in oil markets over the previous day. This attempts to give a top level summary of the Singapore market goings on to a person who seeks to obtain a directional sense of the market on a daily basis.

  • Technical Analysis

    A weekly forecast of price movements with a very basic trading strategy recommendation

  • Global Stock Levels

    A graphical depiction of global Gasoline, Gasoil and Fuel Oil Stocks to give the reader a global feel with a single glance. 

  • Analysis of weekly us stock reports

    A graphical / tabular analysis of the weekly US stock and supply reports

  • Hedging Recommendations

    Based on our understanding of the markets, we provided recommendations to hedge products


  • Trading Strategies
  • Standard Operating Processes
  • Training Programs